English Traditional Breakfast

William since 1930

We love traditions and history. William Restaurant has been successfully trading since 1930 so here you have our specials

William Special Full English Breakfast MAXI Full English Breakfast 
Two Bacon, Two Sausage, Egg, Cheese and Tomato on Ciabatta Two Sausage, two eggs, two slice of bacon, beans, tin tomato and 2 slice of toast Two Sausage, two eggs, two slices of bacon, beans. tin tomato, black pudding, 2 hash brown and 2 slice of toast

Fancy Breakfast


Poached eggs and ham on a English muffin with hollandaise sauce


Poached eggs and spinach on a English muffin with hollandaise sauce


Poached eggs and smoked Salmon on a English muffin with hollandaise sauce


Scrambled eggs and Scottish smoked Salmon on a English muffin or toast


Poached eggs and crushed avocado on a English muffin (we crush our avocado with lemon, ginger, salt and black pepper)


Three eggs omelette up to 3 fillings

Italian Style Panins

Italian Dream Salmon Royal Classic Piadina Veggie Piadina (v) Rosso Caprese (v)
Ham, Mozzarella, Black Pepper Salmon, Philadelphia cheese. Black Pepper Piadina with Ham, Cheese and Salad Piadina with Cheese and Veggie Tomato, Mozzarella, Italian Pesto

Jacket Potatoes

with a variety of different fillings: Baked beans, Cheese, Cheese and Beans, Cheese and Bacon, Cottage Cheese, Sausage and Beans, Tuna Mayo and Cheese, Bacon Eggs Mayo

English Style Paninis

Tuna Dream Manchester Dream Chargrilled Chicken Veggie Melt (v) Lemon Pepper
Tuna, Mayonnaise with Red Onions and Cheddar Ham, Bacon with Peppers and Cheddar Cheese Chargrilled Chicken, Lettuce, Mayonnaise Med Vegetables Cheese and Houmus Chicken flavoured with lemon and pepper with lettuce, Mayonnaise

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